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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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then drove onto highway 237 going the wrong way and later crashed into the shoulder. we're told one person jumped out of the truck, took off running after that crash. in this video from our sky ranger you can see that white box truck on the side of the road and chp officers surrounding it. a driver in the area shot a short snapchat video of the officers with what looks like rifles drawn looking for the suspect, who was driving that vehicle. meanwhile the truck's owner jaime tells us he was in the right place at the right time when he spotted his vehicle on the freeway. >> i took my friend, i said, hey, that's my truck. i pushed the gas and i just turned around. chasing it. i was a little bit nervous they're going to hit somebody else, because they don't care, with something like that, they don't care. they can hit cars or whatever.
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>> reporter: jaime says they used the truck to deliver appliances for lowe's. he estimates there was about 10,000 worth of appliances in that truck when it was stolen. investigators are still looking for the suspect who they say was driving the stolen truck, and later took off running in this area near the sunnyvale golf course. they described the suspect as a hispanic male, 5'8", wearing blue jeans and a block hoodi. important to note, chp says nobody was hurt during the chase even though that suspect was reportedly driving the wrong way on highway 237. the flu is getting more deadly in california. >> so far this season, at least 40 californians under the age of 65 have died, not just the elderly. including a san jose mother two days after being diagnosed. >> reporter: urgent cares like
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this are packed with patients complaining of the flu. i talked with one man who knows all too well, you need to take your symptoms very seriously. >> she was full of life. she did yoga, pilates, hiking. >> reporter: jim collins chokes back tears while remembering his girlfriend, katie oxley thomas. >> she had a spirit that wanted to lift everybody around her up. >> reporter: collins says katie, 40-year-old mother of three, started feeling sick new year's day. on january 2nd she went to urgent care. >> they sent her home. said, you have the flu. >> reporter: collins says the next night she got worse, so he took her to a hospital where a doctor ordered an x-ray that showed a chest infection. >> he says, i think she has pneumonia. >> reporter: katie kept getting worse. >> from the time i took her to the hospital to the time she passed was about 18 hours. >> reporter: ruth rivera with action urgent care says her
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clinic has been inundated with patients showing flu-like symptoms. >> people are getting sick and it's spreading so easily. >> reporter: collins says katie's official cause of death was sepsis, and he questions whether a previous injury last summer put her at higher risk for infection from the flu. but he does know he will never again take the flu lightly. >> it's scary how fast it happens. and it doesn't matter how old you are. she was very healthy. >> reporter: health experts saying this year's flu vaccine is only 10% to 30% effective. they say you should get it because it reduces the length and severity of the flu. tomorrow, back to school and work for many of us across the bay area. and back to that rainy weather. a series of storms headed our way. let's take you outside, our live cameras in san francisco and san rafael. the rain will start to arrive later tonight.
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let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. what are you expecting this week? >> it is certainly going to be a very active pattern for us. you can see a wide look here at the pacific. and all of this is storm activity that's lining up to hit us over the next seven days. a closer look at the satellite and doppler radar combined does show showers now moving into santa rosa. also another batch of some light showers out hereof shore. only producing about .02 inches per hour. we're expecting that chance of some wet weather to linger into about 9:30 tonight. more scattered in nature with the best chance near the coastline. as we head into 1:00 in the morning we'll begin to see the storm starting to drop down, it will have the best chance of accumulating rainfall right here in marin, nap park and sonoma counties. we're going to run this out through the full timeline at 5:19 tonight. i want to touch on the sierra. our current outlook is very dismal in terms of at least this year's sierra snowpack, only 29% of average for the central
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sierra. we'll talk about some epic snow on the way and how much we can get, how low those snow levels  will go, at 5:19 tonight. now we're talking mavericks. big waves along the coast, still not big enough for the mavericks surf competition. organizers are looking at possibly tomorrow, but then ruled that out. the new target date may be by the end of this week. that didn't stop plenty of surfers hitting the water today. this is how it looked near half moon bay off pillar point. you know the drill, many have come from across the world waiting for the go. >> not too many people. i thought maybe everybody would be here practicing for the contest, but not too many people. a bunch of friends. everybody's laughing out there, having a great time. >> having a good time waiting for that green light. restaurant owners are in limbo also. they're thrilled to have the competition back after it was sidelined last year for financial reasons. that means keeping staff on call to come to work, because when they get that green light, thousands of people will flood to the coast.
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don't forget you can track the high waves and the incoming rain that jeff was talking about right there on our free nbc bay area app. it's free to download and more accurate than your typical iphone weather. a music instructor is accused inappropriately touching a teenager in sun vee nail. police say 23-year-old henry reid touched a 17-year-old girl and forced her to touch him as well. the teen provided evidence that reid made inappropriate comments and requests. reid worked part-time at palo alto high school. this is the only alleged victim to come forward as of now. three people with minor injuries after someone shot at them while driving down 280 this morning, southbound 280 near san francisco shortly before 3:00 a.m. the victims were driving in a black cadillac when another vocal drove up next to it and started shooting. three of the five people were hit in that else ka laid. the victims drove themselves to the hospital and tell officers they didn't see anything. it's unknown if the victims were targeted or if this was a random
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shooting. one of our busiest and most scenic highways in the state will remain closed for another week. 101 near santa barbara still a muddy and dangerous mess. you can see it there with one of the overpasses right there. this all stems from the mudslides that killed 20 people. take a closer look now. 101 specifically in montecito completely covered in mud and debris. it's been closed for the last six days. more than 500 homes were damaged or destroyed and four people are still missing. i want to show you another look now from above. the california department of transportation says a lot of the water on 101 has receded. so that's the good news. that means these work crews can work around the clock to clear this highway. today washington is taking a break from business as usual to mark the dr. martin luther king jr. day. but that is not stopping the questions about a word president trump reportedly used when referring to african countries. now that word may have a real impact on immigration talks.
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nbc's blaine alexander joins from us washington where president trump has returned from his weekend in florida. >> he spent the day and the weekend in his golf club in florida, returning to washington a couple of hours ago. today the questions, the debate over the president and racism continue as america celebrates its most celebrated civil rights leader. ♪ i'm going to let it shine >> reporter: as the nation celebrates dr. martin luther king jr., president trump marking the day with this video message. >> it is the dream of a world where people are judged by who they are, not how they look ow where they come from. >> reporter: but today the president still facing questions about a derogatory word he reportedly used during immigration talks to refer to african countries. >> i am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. >> reporter: at his side, house majority leader kevin mccarthy, who was also at that meeting, but not talking about it.
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two gop senators now insisting the president did not use the expletive, but fellow republican lindsey graham does not deny it. >> it's pretty embarrassing when you have to take your children out of the room just to report the news. >> reporter: and from democrat dick durbin, who was also present. >> i know what happened. i stand behind every word that i said. >> reporter: the backlash over one word threatening to derail weeks of talks on daca. the policy protecting thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to america as children. >> we're ready, willing and able to make a deal on daca. but i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. and the folks from daca should know that democrats are the ones that aren't going to make a deal. >> reporter: adding to the pressure, a friday deadline to avoid a government shutdown. some democrats have already said that they will not vote for a spending bill unless it includes a fix for daca. meanwhile for his part, president trump says he will not sign any immigration law unless
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it includes funding for a border wall. a lot of negotiations still left to be done. back in the bay area, dozens of demonstrators gathered by city hall in oakland for the fourth annual march to reclaim what they call martin luther king's radical legacy. the event was organized to demand both racial and social equality. it was hosted by a group called the anti-police terror project. >> we are in the streets lifting up the true spirit of who king was. he was a resister, he interrupted business as usual, he stood up to the powers that be and demanded, not begged for, change. >> the group was marching against what it calls political leaders' corporate agenda. simone biles, the message she has for other victims of sexual assault. new fault lines discovered after the napa earthquake, they run closer to bay area cities than originally thought. mainly clouds right now and 56 in san francisco. but i'm tracking three different
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storms the next seven days. won't want to miss this timeline coming up.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit story in southern california. sheriff ti at this hour, more details about a disturbing story in southern california. sheriff's deputies found 12 people chained to their beds by their parents. the parents were arrested today after one of the children escaped from the home and told a deputy that 12 of her siblings
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were still being held captive. here are the mugshots of that husband and wife. when deputies arrived, they found victims malnourished and ranging from ages 2 to 29. this is in the town of paris, a suburban town about 20 miles south of riverside. the couple has been booked on charges of torture and child endangerment. olympic gold medalist simone biles is saying "me too," the latest member of the team usa team to accuse dr. larry nassar of sexual assault. aly raisman, gabby douglas, michaela have come forward. "there are many reasons that i have been reluctant to share my story, but i know now that it is not my fault. after hearing the brave stories of my friends and other survivors, i know that this horrific experience does not define me." nasser pleaded guilty in november to seven counts of criminal sexual misconduct. more than 100 victims are expected to speak at a sentencing starting tomorrow.
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a police shooting in the north bay, an armed man now in the hospital after being shot by an officer. this happened last night in roner park in front of the department of public safety. a man was shooting a gun outside, according to officers. they then tried to negotiate with that man, repeatedly telling him to put down the gun. when that man got too close, one of the officers shot him. at this time we don't know his condition. a south bay tennis coach who went missing after a skydiving accident is presumed dead. tyler nie coached tennis at san francisco's mitty high school. he went skydiving in new zealand. he and the instructor with him landed in a lake. the instructor was rescued from the water ask taken to the hospital, but nie was never found. a dive squad was called in to search the lake for his body. back to our coverage of the dr. martin luther king jr. holiday. turnout for the annual celebration in san francisco pretty standard. the talk today was anything but. recent comments by president
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trump apparently renewed the urgency among many participants. nbc bay area's mark matthews is live outside buena vista gardens in san francisco where hundreds gathered this afternoon. >> reporter: the crowd size was pretty standard, and the train ride and the march here to yerba buena gardens and the gathering. but this is the first mlk observance since trump took over at the white house and it was a gathering definitelier in jidsed in opposition. as the train pulled in, already a large crowd waiting at the station. ♪ >> reporter: san francisco firefighter andre o'neal came here from oakland with his wife and two small children. >> we have a climate where our president kind of has all these negative things going on. we want to breathe fresh air into our community. >> reporter: lawsuit than governor gavin newsom was with
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his daughters. >> trump walked his party off a cliff, pete wilson walked the republican party off the cliff in california, they just don't know it yet. ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: at the head of the march, acting mayor lindon breeds. >> it's a whole different day, more important now to be active, engaged, involved, to do better. >> reporter: at the gardens mayor breed said the gathering was dr. king's dream realized. >> his dream of so many people of different nationalities, of different religions, of different backgrounds, coming together. >> reporter: in the crowd, two immigrants from nigeria and two more whose parents were born there. all four feeling that this year, it was important to be here. >> the [ bleep ]hole country that i came from made me the person that i am today. >> reporter: the nigerian immigrant who is also a software engineer at twitter, he was here with three other
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nigerian-americans. one a computer engineering student at cal, one a community activist, and a master's candidate, and another who's a salesman at linkedin. their stories are what we're working on for our report at 6:00 tonight. >> a powerful and emotional day for so many of us today. two bay area cities are closer to earthquake fault lines than previously thought, after scientists discovered new information. a big revelation. the earthquake that rocked napa in 2014 has rattled fault lines closer to fa i have a low and american canyon. look at map, the california geological society says the southern part of vallejo is near a fault line. as well as parts of american canyon. this is a map of all the fault lines in the bay area. maps showing all the faults are required by law to prevent developers from building right on top of these fault lines. checking our forecast, jeff, i see storms lining up headed
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for the bay area. >> it's just what we've need. we're trying to catch up from the dry december. it looks like we'll make pretty good headway in rainfall and sierra snow the next seven days. a lot of the you are off of work observing the holiday today. so we want to set things up for you over the next seven days with a lot of moving parts. we'll keep the chances of scattered showers in the forecast tonight into tomorrow morning. a second system thursday into friday. this one looks to be colder. and then sunday into monday, this could be the one that holds the biggest rainfall totals with us again as we head throughout the next seven days. get a preview of that in the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. i want to take you now into what's happening on the doppler radar and satellite. it's mainly just cloud cover right now. we have seen a few spotty showers near the coastline. we really expect throughout tonight the chance of maybe some more scattered showers developing once we hit 8:30 this evening. there will be a better chance as
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the storm moves to the south here in the north bay once we hit 1:00 a.m. that will continue to move to the south by 5:30. it really starts to fall apart, though, by 5:30 a.m. that will be the best chance for the east bay, peninsula, and south bay. once we hit 9:00 a.m., we'll see things dry out. overall for tomorrow morning, we'll keep the clouds, temperatures will be cool, with a spotty chance of a shower. we'll see numbers here in the low to mid 50s from the south bay to the trivalley. and also low 50s from the east way to the north bay. we won't warm up much tomorrow either. temperatures will range in the low 60s for the north bay, also for the east bay. up to 64 in san jose. 50s from san francisco to half moon bay. the extended forecast again has better chances of wet weather as we continue throughout the next few days. let's get a look at this and you can see you'll need that umbrella once we hit thursday into friday. this could bring .015 inches.
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colder on friday down to an average of 50 in san francisco. we're dry on saturday. then another system sunday into monday could bring .5 to 1.25 inches. inland valleys, notice here besides the rainfall chances is we'll go from an average of 64 on tuesday to 49 degrees on friday. feel that chill, definitely going to need that jacket. rainfall totals over the next seven days will be approaching the 2-inch mark up toward santa rosa and possibly close to 1 inch here for the south bay. if you're traveling up toward the sierra, you have to watch out. thursday into next monday, extremely low snow. that could drop down to as low as 1,800 feet. totals may range at some of the highest levels, 3 to 4 feet of snow. it's not just for the sierra, it's also right up there toward the northern sierra and also well up into the pacific northwest. so big-time rain and snow as we
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head throughout the week. >> it's starting to feel like january finally. still to come, an unbelievable rescue. a firefighter catches a child tossed from a balcony of a burning third-story apartment. on our twitter feed:
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an active volcano has erupted in the phillipines. its forcing thousands of people to evacuate their happening now, an active volcano has erupted in the philippines forcing thousands to evacuate. no word on any injuries. on our home page, beginning tomorrow, you'll need a reservation to park at muir woods. make one online up to 90 days before your visit. op sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again,
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we are learning more about this heart-stopping moment caught on a firefighter's camera. a desperate father threw his 5-year-old child down to a firefighter after their third story apartment was engulfed in flames outside of atlanta. today we learned seconds before this video was taken, the mother threw their baby wrapped in a blanket to a firefighter standing on the ladder unrestrained. that firefighter, who's the mother of triplets, was thinking
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"lord let me catch this baby." a perfect catch by both firefighters. 12 people, including eight children, escaped with minor injuries. >> amazing. the lead singer of the irish rock group the cranberries died suddenly in london. dolores owe riordan found dead inside her hotel room. she was in london for a recording session. the cranberries rose to fame in the 1990s. she was known for her distinct voice in hit songs like "dreams" and "linger." cause of death is under investigation. she was 46 years old. a follow-up to a frightening false alarm over the weekend in hawaii. the worker who sent people into a panic by mistakingly sending a missile alert has been reassigned. a spokesperson for the hawaii emergency management system is not saying what his new duties are, only that the worker is currently in a role that does not provide access to the warning system. officials say the man chose the wrong option on a drop-down menu while initiating an internal test. a new app has gone viral.
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we'll show you why celebrities are posting famous works of art. sfx: squeak
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. into a brawl. we talk to the family caught up in the middle of this fight a baby's birthday party turns into a brawl. we talked to the family caught in the middle of this fight
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inside of a bay area pizza restaurant. their side of the story and what they want the pizza parlor to do coming up on our 6:00 newscast. does your face resemble a work of art? a new app from google has thrown popular quickly, the arts and culture app, one of the features allows you to take a selfie, find famous works of art that most closely resemble your physical. it's so popular celebrities are posting their results on social media. it was the most downloaded app on the app store this past weekend. we tried it out. my producer made me. >> cool. >> this is on display at the museum of contemporary art in china. at least i look like a college woman, right? >> you are beautiful, we like that. >> thanks. if you're on social media, you can see a lot of people posting these. >> you take a selfie, then you pit it in this app. >> and it scans and takes your facial features and finds works of art. >> and links you.
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>> there's like five of them. >> what if you don't like the one, can you redo it? >> change your face. >> we can try that. tonight -- new fallout from that terrifying false alarm. >> a missile may impact on land or sea within minutes. this is not a drill. >> nbc news is inside the command center in hawaii where the wrong alert went out telling millions of people to take cover from an incoming ballistic missile. how did this happen? president trump pushing back after that vulgar slur uproar. >> i'm not a racist. i haven't the least racist person. >> tonight, a new divide over what he said in the oval office. serena williams revealing a life-threatening scare after the birth of her daughter. her warning about a hidden health risk and the importance of listening to your body. an about-face from cvs. what they just banned in their aisles and new labels to


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